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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Original Inuyasha Voices.....
Well, I kept to my promise and I have created some audio files so you guys can hear the ORIGINAL Japanese voices of the characters in Inuyasha. I decided to do this because I was playing the Inuyasha game for PS2 and kept shuddering at the horrible voices and voice acting in general. I have all 167 episodes and + all 3 movies on DVD so I'm going to splice up some dialogue so you can hear the extreme awesomeness of the original voices. I know some have already heard them but lots mentioned they've never heard anything but the Engligh voices.

The 1st set of audio you're going to get is the voices of Inuyasha and Kikyo. It's only about 1 minute 34 seconds long and it's the scene that we 1st see in the very 1st episode when Kikyo shoots Inuyasha with the arrow. The only difference is is that this is from the extended episode where we get to see the FULL version of that scene. This comes from episode 152 and it made me cry.

The 1st voice you'll hear, is none other than Inuyasha and he's just crashed through the top of that building and he's saying how with this Shikon no Tama (I think it the english version they call it the Sacred Jewels or something)that no one can call him a "hanyou"(1/2 breed) anymore since it will turn him into a true youkai(demon).

The next voice you'll hear is Kikyo and you should understand what she's saying:-P And then Kikyo and Inuyasha talk to themselves on how one betrayed the other. Inuyasha gets pierced by the arrow while Kikyo is hurt too.

The next voice(s) you'll hear is Kaede as a child(whose Kikyo's little sister who's all old in the later episodes) followed by some villagers.

Inuyasha then talks some more as he watches Kikyo in front of him followed by Kikyo talking some more..but I wont tell you what he/she said because it gives away too much in that episode^_^ Inuyasha says some more words then "dies." Kikyo talks some more and then asks Kaede to burn the Shikon no Tama with her body and Kaede screams her name as Kikyo dies.

So, without any more chit chat...just PUSH PLAY to hear their original voices in all their glory!^_^

*Sniff* Amazing, huh? In my opinion anyway...I know some prefer the English dubs. Anywho, come back whenever I update 'cause I'll be sure and have a new audio clip of EACH character in every post!!:-D

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