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Monday, December 13, 2004

Wow! I'm amazed at how many people have commented and PMed me about the flamers and how they don't think my percantage seems right. You make me want to cry you're so sweet! I'm also amazed that my crying Inuyasha is still high percentage wise...that probably wont last but I guess that little 'ol face makes people feel guilty for flaming.

People must also be enjoying the random quote of the week too since I've had many comments on that. Isn't that nutters! And it really happened! I thought I would cry laughing and then it quickly turned to shock as Sango starting putting the moves on Inuyasha. Poor guy! And he's the one who got in trouble for it!

Like I promised, I will provide links to drawings I currently have for sale on e-bay. If you like my drawing of young Sango, Kohaku and Kirara, the link to that auction is here!
If you would like to own my new drawing of Kagome holding a sly-looking Inuyasha, then the auction is here!
This is a little off anime, but for those Lord of the Rings lovers out there...or Legolas lovers, I have an auction selling 5 prints of all my Legolas drawings and the link to that is here!

Now you don't have to bid on them or anything if you don't want to...I just got yelled at the last time I mentioned that I sold my drawings on e-bay and didn't tell anyone until the auction was near its end! SORRY! Don't yell!! Now, I'm off to study my Shakespeare notes for my final tomorrow...yay....<----that was sarcasm.

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