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Sunday, December 12, 2004

   Flamers on the prowl...
CURSE YOU FLAMERS!!!! Sends army of Elves armed with steaming hot Ramen in your direction! Yeah, people still find some pleasure in going through all my drawings and giving them bad votes with no comments. Meh, can't stop them but I will do a drawing on it!! MWAHAHAHA! It took me like, 2 hours to do this one too...a record on my account! It should be popping up soonish and you'll see a sad sad Inuyasha. Aw! Gives him a biscuit...
Inuyasha: "Thanks!!......HEY!!! I'm not a dog dammit!!" *throws it back and smacks me in the head*
Anywho, hope you guys like it, I think he looks rather cute and vulnerable:-)

You guys know what's a good movie...Shrek 2. Puss in Boots is my hero. "Hey boss, let's shave him." LOL! I love him.

I wish it would snow already! It's freezing and raining and wish the rain and cold would be replaced by warm fuzzy bunnies...but not falling from the sky...that would hurt. So, do anything fun this weekend? I listed a couple of my drawings on e-bay and will provide some linkage to them tomorrow! Love, peace, and chicken grease!

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