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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Howdy-ho, Otaku-reenos! Decided to update before I had to go to work. I usually have Wednesdays off but since I need this coming Saturday off to be in a friend's wedding, he took away my Weds. *sniff* I'm missing my belly dance class AND Ghost Hunters. Feh!

I had Monday and Tuesday off (I usually have 3 days off since I work 10 hour days) but I spent my Monday doing errands all day. That's what sucks when you work such long days, you don't get time to do anything so one of your days off usually consists of just catching up! At work, I get tips and I get LOTS of coins so I've been hoarding my tip coin for about 3 months now and I took it to my bank since they have a coin counter (like a Coinstar but cheaper) and I had over $640 in coin!!O_O lol! You should have seen me lugging that bag in...was like 4 bowling balls in it. I deposited it of course...don't want to be spending it on something I don't need. There's 2 months of car payments right there! Woot!

After that, I went to my parent's house to just pick up some dress shoes and of course, my mom invited me to stay for dinner and I can't pass up a free meal! So, a quick swing to my parent's house ended up being like, 4 hours. lol! My bro is on a motorcycle cross country trip right now, so he has my parent's watching his boxer, Lexi. My parents already have a boxer, Harley and those 2 are NUTS!!! They're just running around like loons and playing and wrestling and just having a good ol' time. They had a tug-a-war with a toy and did it so long they ended up napping, both with one end of the toy in each mouth. Lol!

Kitty cat, FuzzButt wasn't in a good mood because he doesn’t much care for the dogs and all the noise they make. He was in the basement sulking and I went to pet him and he just kinda glared at me like, "TRAITOR!!!!" He doesn't like when all the attention isn't on him.XD He’s such a drama queen.

And since it was noted in the chat that I haven't posted a piccy of FuzzButt in quite some time, here's one right here. Does his face not just scream, "I am SO better than you."

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