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Saturday, May 16, 2009

I wasn�t going to update today and was commenting on other people�s posts and thought, what they hey, may as well!

I bought a brand-spanking new 4th generation ipod Nano! Yosh! I paid $50 less than retail with NO tax and FREE shipping! Gotta love ebay. Plus, it�s green! My favey color! It plays video which is awesome. I had accidently downloaded a video from a performance with Adam Lambert on American Idol (I meant to just get his song) but now I�m glad I got it because it�s my fave performance of his�when he sings �Mad World.� Oh man, I get all weepy every time he sings it. Plus, Adam is in the top 2!! He better win or I�m going to rebel! *shakes fist*
I watched the movie �Yes Man� with Jim Carrey the other day. I�ve always been a big Jim Carrey fan since I was a wee little one when �The Mask� came out. This movie was so funny and good! I recommend it.

I saw the new �Star Trek� movie with my friend Ty and my other pal, Moog. I�m not a big fan of space stuff�like Star Trek or Star Wars�I�m a Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, renaissance past stuff kind of person. However, this movie was really REALLY good! I was edge of my seat a LOT! I decided that the Vulcans are the elves of the future. Lol! The way they talk and act is very elvish.

Oh, and this is something I keep on forgetting but if you�re in a bookstore and see the manga, �Black Sun Silver Moon� volume 7, BUY IT!!!!!! For yours truly is published in it! It�s my winning doujinshi and it�s in the back of the book. I was so excited to see me published in a manga! My dad got a little misty eyed when I gave him a copy. Lol! He just said, �My little girl is a published artist.� Awwwww.^_^

Whelp, that�s all for now. Here�s a picky of the 2 main heroes of Star Trek�young Kirk and Spock�eye-candy for the ladies. Spock grew on me quickly in the movie�I think it�s just the pointy ears. Lol!

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