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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sorry I�ve been gone so long again! I doubt too many noticed though.XD I�ve been popping in here and there mostly reading updates and people posts but not commenting due to lack of time. The horse racing season has started at the casino I work at so things are getting hectic again. It doesn�t help that a fellow supervisor I work with got sick and was out for a month so the rest of us had to cover her shifts.>_<

Anyhoo, I�ve been doing well! I had to get some blood work done since I went on anti-depressants just to make sure it wasn�t anything more serious. Getting the blood drawn wasn�t too bad! The lady was really quick about it and she got my vein the first try�she said it helped that my arms are so skinny and you can physically see the vein around my elbow to poke.XD Everything came back negative with my blood work which is marvelous�means there isn�t something more going on besides in my head.XD A funny thing was that they tested the sodium content of my blood as well and my doc said it looked great�that made me giggle considering I eat so much ramen and sodium-enriched food I thought it would be through the roof. I guess my body has adapted to it.XD XD XD

I�ve been working on a new drawing�it�s slowly getting there but I�m having trouble focusing on it since I�m always bouncing around finding more crap to do. *snicker* It�s a fan art of Inuyasha and Kagome�haven�t done one of those in awhile.
My NYAF mascot didn�t win but it did make it into the top 10 which was enough for me! I just wanted the free pass to give to my pal, Angie and really, I don�t need 50 free mangas. Lol! I hate to admit�I don�t think I own a single Del Rey manga. Lol! I�ll own some now since the top 10 get 4 or 5 freebies so that�s plenty. My manga/book collection is already big enough.XD I had a feeling the one that won would win�wow, that was a mouthful.XD I think everyone knew that one would get it from the get-go. It was very well done!

Whelp, that�s all for now�my kitty, Jenks is begging me for some play time and he�s just too cute to say no too!

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