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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Whelp, Iím home now and itís so nice to be at my own place again! My kitty, Jenks was obnoxiously happy to see me. When I opened the door, he just flopped on the ground and was rolling and purring and he was licking my hand as I was petting him. He missed his mamma!

My sisterís wedding ceremony went great. It was nice and small and my sisterís dress was GORGEOUS! It was like a Renaissance/Greek goddess looking dress and it was beautiful! *sniff*
One thing I still canít get over is how slow the fast food service is in the south. Like really! Up north it you get your food usually in less than 3 minutes and if youíre going through drive-through, about 45 seconds. We went to a few fast food places down south and each one took flippiní forever! My sister said that ďfastĒ doesnít quite mean the same thing we think of in NY. Lol! I didnít complain or anything at the places since I didnít really care but it took us like 10 minutes to get our food at the Burger King. *snicker*

Anyhoo, I had totally missed the post on the Official Worlds page that the NYAF Mascot contest was in play!O_o Thank goodness for me reading my dear pal, MewMewís page to find out about it. lol! I already knew what I was going to do though so I just threw it together and got it done in record time! Well, for me anyway. I actually called in sick to my job so I could stay home and work on it.>_> Well, that and I just reeeeeeally didnít want to go into work that night.XD But yeah, itís all done and it you could take a look and comment and vote, Iíd appreciate it! *huggles*

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