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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hello everyone! Iím here in lovely North Carolina killing time until my sisterís wedding at 5:30pm. Itís so sunny and warm here! Then again, I hear itís really sunny and warm in NY now too so díoh! Figures it would be nice as soon as we leave.

We drove down to Maryland Thursday first and stayed at my auntís house and then drove down the rest of the way to NC from there. Itís nice to see green on the trees down hereÖmy dad said that their seasons are a few weeks ahead of ours. This is my first time going on a long trip with a laptopÖítis very nice since I have an extended 6 hours battery life on my lappy so I watched anime and Japanese dramas for a portion of the way. Hee! The rest of the time I either slept or read books and mangas. Iím getting tired of eating out thoughÖIím not used to eating so much food let alone, high in fat and calorie food so yeck. Still delicious thatís for sure but yeck. We stopped at McDonalds a couple times and I always get a Happy Meal since a regular one is too much. *snicker*

The guy my sisterís marrying already has 2 kids so I have a niece and nephew now! I gave my Happy Meal toys to them and they were happy.XD The girl is in kindergarten and the boy is in 2nd grade and the girl is a little bundle of energy. My goodness is she exhausting. My sis and I are similar in that we donít want children of our own so itís perfect for her since now she has kids without having to actually, you know, have them herself.XD

I miss my kitty, Jenks sooooooooo much!!!! My friend Ty is stopping by and feeding him and playing with him and he said that Jenks really missed me. *sniff* Whelp, thatís all for now. Bye bye!

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