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Monday, April 13, 2009

Howís everyone doing this lovely Monday? Itís nice here because itís finally warming up again. We were warm and then it suddenly got coldÖwhen I walked out to my car after work Saturday night there was frost all over it.>_< My sisterís wedding is this coming weekend and I cannot wait! Going down to warm North Carolina sounds marvelous. Iím going to miss Jenks though and I know heíll miss me. Heíll probably be throwing himself with love at me when I come home.XD

Iíve been feeling great since Iíve been put on anti-depressants. Like, really TRULY great. Not the fake great I always told people because Iím the kind of person that likes to suffer in silence and not throw my woes onto others. I have to go to the doc again to get blood work done though just so they can make sure that my moodiness and weight loss isnít something more serious. Iím procrastinating though because, like virtually everyone on the planet, I hate needles. I always get all light-headed and woozy. *snicker* My muscles are still tighter than all ghetto due to the meds but meh, I know itís temporary so itíll be worth it.

I let a coworker of mine borrow my ĎTwilightí DVD and she was honored. lol! They all know how much I love that series and how fussy I am about my books and DVDs.XD She returned it to me the next day and said she really liked it! Her only complaint was she wished there was sex in it. LOL! At first Iím like, ďwhat kind of audience do you think this was geared for?!Ē and then had to explain to her what they donít explain sex-wise with a vampire until what? The 2nd book? Maybe it was the first, I donít remember. It feels so long ago.

And for those who watch American IdolÖAdam Lambert pwned!!! I love that boy and I actually PURCHASED his singles from iTunes. lol! I rarely purchase music but he was worth it.^_~
MmmmmmÖ.Kaname and Zero:

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