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Monday, April 6, 2009

How is everyone doing on this gloomy day? Well, I’m sure it’s not gloomy everywhere but it sure as heck ugly and gray outside here. Bleh.

I had Sunday off from work and I relaxed most of the day. I really need to start a new drawing but I’ve gotten lazy. I mostly just read and watched Ghost Hunters all day on DVD.XD I love that show. I don’t like the International one because I don’t like that group of ghost hunters. I like the originals…they’re personalities are so much more…likable. I love how Steve always screws with Tango…like the episode where Tango first joins their crew and Steve finds a princess tiara in the little girl’s room and puts it on Tango’s head convincing him that it was a light.XD He wore that thing for hours until finally Jason and Grant see him and are like, “what the hell is that on your head?!” lol!

I finished a short Japanese drama called, ‘Koizoro,’ which means, ‘Skies of Love.’ It’s a made-for-TV long running movie type thing that’s 6 episodes long. I downloaded it because in the picture of the 2 main characters the guy had white hair and was hot so I wanted to see it. lol! It was so incredibly good but I cried my eyes out like nobody’s business. It’s a wonderful show that I highly recommend but keep a box of tissues next to you because when I actually cry over something, it’s pretty damn sad.
Here’s a couple screencaps from the show of the 2 main characters, Mika and Hiro. I love Hiro he is so stinkin’ adorable:

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