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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thanks to all who responded to my last post about the elf character name! It was really close between 3 names…Anaryan, Runya, and Hellvedar. You know what I’m thinking? Especially seeing those 3 names lined up in that way…why not make that his first, middle, and last name? Anaryan Runya Hellvedar! I mean…he is elvish and they have fancy pants, complicated names usually.XD I’ll pass that along to Angie since she’s going to be the main writer and I’ll be drawing it and throwing ideas in here and there. I think Angie and I make a good team…I wish there were more of us like CLAMP so one could write, the other could draw the characters, the other could color and ink, and the other could do backgrounds. It’s tough to draw a manga all by yourself!

And speaking of mangas, remember back in December, I had won that ‘Black Sun Silver Moon’ doujinshi contest held by Go!Comi? Well, one of the editors contacted me yesterday and asked me to write a bio about myself because…they’re finally publishing my doujinshi!!! AHHHH! It’s going to be in the final volume of ‘Black Sun Silver Moon’ and I can’t wait! I’m super glad I did my manga backwards and Japanese style since ‘Black Sun Silver Moon’ is published backwards (like all mangas brought to the states SHOULD be) so my doujinshi will actually flow with the real manga and not be printed all funky. Go me!XD

And for all my new friends who’ve never seen the doujinshi mentioned above, here’s a link to it: Linky!
I need to ask Adam about this…ALL my comments are gone from my manga when the new Otaku was launched…the only comments that remain are what were made on the cover page. *pouts*

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