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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thanks to everyone who checked out my evil cupcake contest entry! It actually got more comments and faves then I thought it would for just being a cupcake…even made it to the front page! lol! But thanks, it is appreciated.^_^

So yeah, changed my theme…I meant to change it earlier in the summer for the change of seasons but it kinda slipped my mind, I guess. But YAY! Elves has an elf theme now!XD
So, I finally got to watch the Vampire Knight anime…I had it downloaded on my computer for quite some time but never got the chance to watch it. So, I started it and ended up watching the WHOLE thing in one sitting. Well, that’s a lie, I stopped once to watch the new episode of Ghost Hunters on Sci-fi.^_~ It should be longer than 12 episodes though! They left us hanging! BAH! Even though I pretty much figured out it was going to end like that but still, they should have had more! Ah well, I have the mangas so I’ll just keep on reading them! I loved the anime though! The voices were perfect and man, I have a new crush on Zero…I always fall for the lavender-eyed dudes though…and he’s left-handed so that made him doubly awesome.XD Can’t help but find a whole anime based on hot vampires entertaining! But, of course, the story is great too.^_~

And here’s a picture of Zero-kun and Kaname-sama! *wiggles in between them*

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