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Monday, June 9, 2008

So, my belly dancing lessons are going well! I really love it…what I love about it is, not only is it a great workout but it’s a sensual, sexy, beautiful dance without it being skanky. lol! I guess that’s why I don’t really like to dance but I’ve always wanted to learn belly dancing so figured…why not?! But so far I am proud to say I officially know an Egyptian peasant dance! lol!

So, it’s been hotter than Hates here in NY. Now, I love the heat and crave it the 9 months out of the year it’s cold and crappy here in this state however…it’s been too hot even for me! The main problem is that the humidity is very high which makes you feel gross and my second problem is that my apartment just does NOT circulate air at all. Saturday my apartment was 96 degrees and then today it was 91 degrees and it’s cooler outside! My dad ended up coming over to install my bro’s old AC but it wasn’t strong enough so my parents bought me a brand new one and installed that too so now, I have TWO AC’s.XD My dad couldn’t believe how hot it was in my apartment and couldn’t understand how I could handle it. It really doesn’t bother me too much until I start moving around a lot…like I’ve been practicing my belly dancing and I get incredibly hot just doing basic moves.

Oh, and I’m glad you guys like the look of my dollfie Ducan…who is now named Siluvan. I got a brand new camera the other day and it takes such amazing pictures and tomorrow, I’m going to my parents to take some more scenic piccy’s and moving shots of my kitty, FuzzButt and doggy, Harley to really try out all the features of my camera but I just took lots of shots of Siluvan to try it and got some good ones. Here’s one of the shots I took and I had taken 2 separate pictures of him in B&W and one in color and doctored the colored parts into the B&W to get this effect:

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