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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Wow, a week away from Otaku feels like an eternity! I got a lot of comments in my last post so most of you know that this week has been a hectic one for me. I officially got the duel-rate supervisor position but won’t actually be a supervisor for a few weeks yet. Pretty much since we still need to fill 3 banker positions…well, now 3 since I’ll only be part-time in the bank now. But, today is my first time being a cashier and a supervisor in training and it’s Kentucky Derby day AND the start of live racing (our casino has horse racing during the spring/summer months) so it’s going to be a mad house. Wish me luck!!!

The main reason for my absence is that I’ve been drawing! I have a 55 hour work week this week and the few hours I had at home I actually wanted to draw rather than go on the net! So yes, I finished the drawing and only got to work on it a couple hours a day before work but finished it today…my one day off (since I work 10 hour days, I’m SUPPOSED to get 3 days off a week).XD I mention it in the artist statement but I really wanted to do this drawing after I saw the episode of Code Geass where the student council actually tied Lelouch down to a chair to put kitty ears and whiskers on him after they got their new kitty “mascot,” Arthur. It amused me greatly that they had to tie Lelouch to a chair in order to do that.XD XD So, if you could check out the drawing, I’d be ever-so much appreciative:

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