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Friday, March 28, 2008

My friend, Tyler sent me like, the best text message ever today. I don’t know how familiar you guys are with Looney Tunes but do you remember the cartoon with Daffy Duck parodying Robin Hood? Well, that is one of my all-time fave Looney Tunes episodes (I’m bias though since Daffy’s my fave XP) but there’s this one part in the show where Daffy is going to swoosh down from a rope and steal money off a rich guy…but he’s unaware that there’s a series of boulders in his way and so he’s at the top of a tree and he yells, “YOIKS AND AWAY!!!” And then *SMACK* into a boulder…but he keeps going and every time re-yells “Yoinks and away” it gets progressively more slurred and more demented since he’s smacking into boulders every couple seconds. I LOVE that part…don’t know why but Gavin and I quote it all the time. Well, Tyler found that clip and text messaged it to me…now, I was at work and having a crummy day and when I got that message, I just laughed and laughed and laughed. People must have thought I was koo-koo but oh man, I saved it and set it so every time I get a text message, I hear that part…”YOIKS AND AWAY!”

And speaking of Looney Tunes I have a funny story about something my kitty, FuzzButt did while I was watching over him at my apartment. I was sitting in the living room and I see FuzzButt walk towards the kitchen and then hear some scuffling sounds. I’m just thinking…oh man, what is he getting into now so I go into the kitchen and look around thinking, where the heck is he? And then I look down and there’s this big moving lump in the middle of my kitchen rug. lol! He had gotten under it and was just having a ball, especially when I went up to him and starting smacking his butt (at least I think it was his butt) saying, “whatcha doin’? watcha doin’?” and he was trying to bite me through the rug which didn’t really work.XD I then started walking away and turn back and there’s this little white paw sticking out from the corner trying to swat at my feet. Little stinker! And then when he finally came out his fur was sticking up all over the place from the static. But it amused me since it reminded me of Bugs Bunny when he’s traveling underground and you just see a moving lump.XD

Picture of the Day is appropriately a picture of FuzzButt sleeping in his loft. He’s kinda outgrown it but he loves sleeping on that thing and he gets into the funkiest positions trying to fit in it to sleep. I took it with my camera phone so the quality isn’t great but his cuteness still shows…even if he is a trouble-maker:

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