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Friday, March 21, 2008

Iím going out with Boot (a.k.a. Shawn) again tonight. I guess weíre officially a couple now since he was telling all his friends he had a girlfriend now.XD I do like him a lot but right now, heís being a liiiiittle too clingy for my taste and Iím like, dude! Iím an artist and need ME time!! But he seems understanding so hopefully heíll slow down a little.
So, the other night we had gone to Dennyís (the only place open at 4am after I was done with work.XD) and the waitress was so funny. As soon as we walked in she was going on about how much she loved me hair and then when I took my jacket off she goes, ďOMG! Is that a Darkwing Duck shirt?!Ē I had just gotten it the other day when I was with Ty and Phil at the mall and I reply, ďHeck yes, itís Darkwing!Ē And then I stood up to show the back of it because on the back it says, ďI am the terror that flaps in the night!Ē Since that was one of his sayings in case you didnít know, she thought it was awesome and asked where I got it and stuff. She then kept on joining in on our conversation too which was fine since it was fun to have some random person jumping into our random talks.XD

So, you guys know in my last post how I mentioned the live-action movie of Love*Com sometimes also called, Lovely Complex? Well, I ripped one of my fave scenes off the DVD to show you guys. A quick summary of the anime/movie/manga is that itís about a really tall girl and a really short boy who start to fall in love with each other but neither want to date someone taller or shorter then themselves. This is the moment when Risa, the tall girl, realizes sheís falling for Otari, the short boy and I love this part for obvious reasons if you watch it because itís like a mini-cartoon.XD The whole movie isnít like that but they have random true anime moments thrown in it now and again. And youíll hear a narrator talking during this sceneÖhe talks now and again in the movie and itís definitely Engrish and it was hard for me to understand what he was saying most of the time but this scene isnít too hard to understand. But yeah, the clip is only 1 minute long and itís really cute and makes me smile so itís fun to watch!^___^

And since people commented about how delectably adorable the picture I showed in my last post of the actor who played Otari, (the short guy) in the movie was, hereís another picture of him! So cute!! His name is Teppei Koike and I still think heíd be a great Momiji if they did a live-action of Fruits Basket since heís sweet and lovable and bouncy but he looks quite young but heís actually like 24 years old!

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