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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My, oh my! Version Vibrant has finally been launched! I like the new layout of it…it reminds me of the way Animepapers is set up which is a good thing since I like how that site is set up. I’m also honored that my latest drawing has been plastered on the main page showing off the new fan art lay-out.^___^ I’ll probably set up an Otaku Worlds account…seeing as how I already have people subscribing to me.XD But I still love myOtaku since it’s nice to see people customizing their sites with html. Some things are a little wonky I see on myO but I’m sure it’ll start being fixed.

Since many people didn’t get to see my last post with myO being down and all, I shall repeat that my parents are going to be in Florida for 10 days and I’m taking care of FuzzButt for that time. He was pretty skittish at first, being in my apartment amongst all these new surroundings but it hasn’t taken him long to adjust. He’s already ventured through everything and woke me up this morning at 6:30am wanting food and petting. Keh! Not cool when you don’t get to bed till 4am…he’s lucky he’s so stinkin’ fluffy and cute! Hmph.
I asked the question about if some elves could be considered pedophiles?…something I asked myself when in the book I’m reading, a 1,000 year old she-elf falls in love with a mere 25 year old male elf saying to another character that he’s so powerful, good-looking, and “wonderfully young and innocent.” I wonder when it comes to immortality, would it matter? I got some fun responses in my last post is why I ask again. XD

Picture of the Day made me so happy when I found it. My first time seeing official artwork for the Vampire Knight ANIME!!! *fangirl squeal* Zero (the guy with white hair) looks sooooooo scrumptious:

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