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Sunday, March 2, 2008

My parents are going to be in Florida for over a week so I’m going to be taking care of FuzzButt!^_^ I brought him over to my apartment today and he’s still adjusting to the new surroundings but he’s doing well. He’s already starting to get into things but I’m just glad he hasn’t started meowing excessively since he is a talker and I don’t want to landlords on the first floor to be bothered by him. I had already asked their permission if I could have him in my apartment for a week and they didn’t care…hopefully, that means in the future if I ever want a kitty, they won’t mind.^^

So, I was reading the 5th book in the This Witch for Hire series and an interesting event happened in the book that made me ponder. This book has elves in it and you guys know how the Tolkien style elves are immortal? Well, these elves aren’t quite immortal but they do live excessively long and remain pretty ageless looking and there’s 2 main character elves named Ceri (who is over 1000 years old) and Trent (who is only 25 years old) and they didn’t meet until this 5th book. At first, you think Ceri hates Trent and vice versa but then Trent leaves and Ceri is all daydreaming and sighing about how Trent is so powerful, good looking, and “wonderfully young and innocent,” which got me thinking, what is considered pedophile in elvish standards? lol! And that got me thinking of Lord of the Rings….Legolas is about 2,900 years old while Galadriel is almost 30,000 years old and although they both seem really old…if Galadriel would go after Legolas…that’s quite the age gap and would that be considered pedophile to other elves or would they not really care considering that they live forever so no age matters? *scratches chin* Man, I think into things too deeply.XD

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