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Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy leap year!
I finally finished the outfit series for that website. I did Kisa Sohma first and I’m probably going to do my fave bishie, Yuki next.^_^ But if you could take a look and comment, I’d much appreciate it…oh and I PURPOSELY drew Kisa older!!! For the know-it-all’s on DA who thought that I had drawn her wrong. *bonks head* And thanks to those who have already commented on it!:

I saw a psychic today! lol! Have any of you guys seen the show Psychic Detectives on CourtTV? Well, on that documentary show is the psychic Phil Jordan and he actually lives right in our town and he likes to go to the casino now and again and he’s told us he’s wanted to do a show just for the employees and we finally got it! It was a little eerie when he did my reading because he sees people’s auras and depending on certain colors in different places in means different things. Like, he saw lots of red around my left wrist and neck and told me to take it easy on my left wrist since he sees a lot of strain and problems there. OMG! I’ve had surgery on my left-wrist and I’m constantly having problems and pains with it (I’m left-handed too. BAH!) and remember not too long ago how I pulled my neck muscle and had to go to physical therapy for it? He said I hold too much stress in my neck. Creepy! He then told me he saw me moving or have moved recently…again, OMG! I just moved into my apartment last month! Unfortunately, he saw me having 3 kids…2 girls and a boy…one girl and one boy are going to look just like me and all my co-workers laughed it up because they all know how much I hate kids and I never want any of my own.XD I asked him about my art career and he said he saw me having my current job for another 2-3 years but then my artwork will start to become my full-time career. He told me a lot of other spiffy stuff but those were the main ones. It was fun and entertaining.^_^

Picture of the Day comes from Lamento:

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