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Thursday, February 21, 2008

I’m so happy!!! All my money that was stolen from my bank account has been returned!! I feel a big weight has been lifted since I’ve been stressing for the past 3 weeks just waiting to know if all my savings was going to be returned or not. Now comes the next steps…I’m going to be splitting up my bank account so if someone does get a hold of my debit card numbers again, they won’t get ALL my money so I won’t be stuck in such a bind again. I’m also looking into Identity Theft insurances since although this wasn’t technically, the extreme of ID theft, it’s awfully close and if these scumbags so easily got my debit numbers, who’s to say my social security and identity isn’t next. Life Lock insurance seems the best so far since they also have a wallet protection plan in case card numbers are stolen as well.

I had gotten some rebates in the mail too which was awesome. They were for my laptop as well as for Norton Anti-Virus so I had $150 to enjoy…and dammit, I had a bad few weeks so books and manga is what I deserve!!! *pounds desk* I got 4 mangas…one being the 5th volume of Absolute Boyfriend…*LOVE!!!* And the rest were ones I had never heard of but I really liked the artwork and they seemed very good. I got the 5th book in the ‘This Witch for Hire’ series…that’s the series I mentioned quite awhile ago that has the components of every fantasy lover’s dream from vampires, to fairies, to werewolves, to my personal fave, the elves.^_^ But it takes place in modern day so it’s pretty awesome reading about a super-hot elf behind the wheel of a convertible.XD
I went grocery shopping too which isn’t as exciting but hey, I was pretty much out of food and my ramen supply was almost gone! The horror of it all!!

Picture of the Day comes from Code Geass…this picture amuses me…here we have them at a party and the 2 girls have obviously had one too many drinks and their eyes have all latched onto Lelouch (being the main hunk of the show has it’s upside.XD):

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