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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Well, today is Sunday so sometimes, LOTS of people are around on myO and sometimes not. It’s a hit or miss day.
I got to talk to Jangalian on the phone today.^^ It was funny, she expected my voice to be a lot more high-pitched then it was. Do I come across as a high voice kind of person? lol! I’m also still sick though and my nose is still stuffy so that made me sound a liiiiittle deeper.XD I thought she’d have a southern accent and she thought I’d have a NY one. Only people from NYC really have the “NY accent” the rest of us in upstate NY talk like ‘normal’ people. I thought she’d have a southern accent since she actually comes from the same town as one of my supervisor’s and she said she had an accent. *shrug* I can see that happening since some people around where I live, have borderline hick/redneck accents while people, like me, do not. Guess it all depends! Accents fascinate me.XD I’m particularly fond of London, Irish, and Australian accent, meself.^^

So, you guys know how I won that fan manga contest in which my entry will be published in the back of the Black Sun Silver Moon manga? Well, the other day, I got a package in the mail from the go!Comi publishers and I thought it was a copy of the manga my comic was going to be printed in. Well, it wasn’t…it was the Japanese version of the first volume of Black Sun Silver Moon So, I flipped through it, trying to figure out why’d they send this to me and didn’t see anything significant so I thought they must have just sent to me, well, just because! So a few days pass and I was about to put it onto my bookshelf and just looked through it again and then I realized…the manga-ka had autographed it and I hadn’t even noticed it!!!! It’s because the drawing she did for me as well as her actual signature looked so nice, I thought it had been printed in…it wasn’t until further inspection, I saw it was indeed, autographed by the manga-ka! I was so excited and smacked myself for not noticing it to begin with. The manga-ka’s name is Tomo Maeda and I recognized that as the bottom part of the autograph but I reeeeeeally want to know what else is written on there since, frankly, I can’t read Japanese! I’m going to post a scan of her autograph and if anyone knows, please tell me! If not, I’m going to try and contact go!Comi since they’ll probably translate it for me. Here’s the scan:

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