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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It looks like money is slowly trickling back into my account. So far, a few of the stores my stolen card was used in has already credited the money back to me. About $3800 has been returned but there’s still many thousands more I’m waiting to be returned. The bank is going to call me today or tomorrow to let me know if the rest went through…I guess the “main bank” has to go through the written dispute and then it’ll be credited to me from there. Honestly, I’ll be pissed unless I get every cent back that was stolen. I’ve worked my butt off for years for my money and saved and saved and if I don’t get everything back, I’ll be upset since the bank should have shut my card off the instant it was used in Germany.

I’m trying to stay optimistic, I really am but it’s tough. I’ve been very sick all day too and I keep telling myself I’m not getting sick, dammit! I so believe sickness is mostly mental (if you think you’re getting sick, you’ll get sick) but when I’m sneezing, coughing, and congested all day with a near empty box of tissues and a red, sore nose, it’s tough to keep saying you’re not sick.XD My parents said it was probably the stress, since stress reduces your immune system. Makes me remember the good old days when “stress” to me was an upcoming test in school and/or a fight with my parents. How times have changed.XD
I went home today so my dad could fix my busted headlight and to have a car-savvy neighbor check the exhaust. He said he nearly hit a deer on the way there.>_< Good grief…the last thing I would need was to have a hurt father or a totaled car. But, I spent what little cash I had on a bouquet of flowers for Mom and Dad as an early Valentines gift. They were really pretty and my parents loved them. I petted and played with FuzzButt all night…he smacked his head on the glass coffee table when he was doing one of his ninja cat flips while chasing a feather boa. He was fine…doubt he even noticed.XD

I finished The Vampire Diaries series…totally awesome and ended wonderfully. Fans of Twilight should definitely pick up this series since I’m quite positive Stephenie Meyers, the author of Twilight got a lot of ideas from this series.
Picture of the Day is from DA artist, Sakimichan:

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