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Monday, February 11, 2008

Hopefully, later today I’ll know if I’ll get all my money back that was stolen out of my bank account. The lady who’s doing “my case” doesn’t think there should be problems with the big amounts because those were all done in stores in Germany and Switzerland on the same day I was making a deposit and using it in a couple stores here in NY. Can’t be in 3 countries at once now can I? I’m keeping my fingers crossed since I’m calling them later today to find out if I’ll get everything back or not…my bank account is going to be kept frozen for awhile though which is tough since I have bills to pay and I literally have zero money besides a few bucks in my wallet which I plan on using to buy Mom and Dad flowers for Valentines.

And to add to all the grandness, one of my headlights went out on my car so I need to get that fixed.>_< I have a credit card Mom and Dad pay for but only use in emergencies and they said it was fine to use for gas, the headlight and food until things get cleared up. Which hopefully, I’ll get everything back and things can go back to normal…well, sorta, I’m doing all this research on identity theft now to prevent such things from happening in the future. The stress alone is killing me and like I needed another reason to hate humanity. I love you guys and my friends and anyone else close to me but humanity as a whole…hate ‘em. I love animals though! lol! Just not people…living and working in NYC showed me the most negative side to people that I never really thought existed till I lived there. Small towns shelter you from that stuff, I suppose.

I’ve gotten sick too…been coughing, sneezing, and clogged up all day. I keep telling myself I’m not getting sick though because sickness is mostly mental…gotta keep the frame of mind that I’ll be fine and this sickness will pass shortly. I’m really hoping because my boss, one of my supervisors, and one of the cashiers I work with have gotten pneumonia in the past week! 3 people I work close to gotten pneumonia…a sickness that I rarely hear actually happening and with my luck lately…ergh, let me not think about it. We still haven’t heard about the job situation either. We still may be closing by the end of the month. I don’t want to apply till I know for sure if I’m losing my job but I got some applications. I’ve had a very very bad week.
Picture of the Day is my kitty, FuzzButt again…I took this one and the last one with my camera phone, hence the grainyness. He looked so handsome posed by those flowers and the boxes…well, until he knocked down the flowers and started attacking the boxes but still! He looks handsome in the meantime:

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