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Saturday, February 2, 2008

For the many who asked about the Trinity Blood picture I had in my last post�that wasn�t a fan art. That�s an official art done by the manga-ka. A couple people called it creepy�I stared at it trying to figure out why they would call it creepy�the idea of eating food in front of a fountain a recipe for horror that I wasn�t aware of? *scratches head*

And for those who said pretty much all vampire books were the same�hm, not really�those people are usually the ones who haven�t read any themselves.XD I didn�t start reading vampire books till last year. Twilight was my start and since then I�d read 9 books that dealt with vampires in some way and in every one of them, the vampires differed. Why I said Twilight seemed like a rip-off of The Vampire Diaries was because those 2 really are similar. Both deal with a new person coming to school, drop-dead gorgeous guy, turns out he�s a vampire, the main girl in the story falls in love with him, there�s the struggle of �dating a vampire�, there�s a love feud, the vampires aren�t effected by sunlight, garlic, crosses or any of that stuff that makes up a classic vampire, etc. etc. etc. So yeah, they really are very similar but they do differ enough that I still enjoyed reading both of them.^_^

I�ve been in a pretty crabby mood today�just one of those days and had to deal with a lot of head-achey things that I don�t want to get started with. I tried working on a drawing and that made me more cranky. Otaku made me cranky, NeoPets�made me feel a little better.XD But then I exercised while watching American Idol I had taped a few days ago and that cheered me up. Don�t ask, I don�t understand myself sometimes either.
And speaking of vampires, Picture of the Day comes from Vampire Knight�to those who asked about that a few posts ago, right now, it�s only a manga but the anime is in production. WOOT!!!

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