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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Thanks again to those who commented on my drawing! It�s appreciated!
And to clarify in my last post about the irate guard who didn�t like the answer I gave him when it came to fave football team�he wasn�t like, yelling at me or anything. I think people got the idea that we got in a big fight but no, that wasn�t the case. It was like�a sarcastic upset if that makes sense but still, he shouldn�t have gotten any negative reaction after I had already clearly told him I don�t like football in general. And to that person�yes you, the sexist one�you know who you are.:P Virtually every girl that works at my casino are football fans. As in, they wear jerseys from their fave teams on football Sunday but yes, I suppose statistically speaking, majority of women don�t enjoy watching dudes slap helmets on their heads and run into each other. I sure don�t.XP The girls at our casino are the exception.

So, my parents made dinner and asked me if I wanted to come visit and join them, so I did. It was nice and I was happy to see my kitty, FuzzButt again. FuzzButt has this toy that�s basically a feather boa on a string and he goes bonkers with it. I was playing with him and swooshing the boa through the air and FuzzButt was like, Ninja Cat! Just leaping and doing backflips. My mom got some of it on tape�he tends to not entertain as soon as the camera is brought out. Feh!
Oh, and also with my NeoPets drawing, I did enter it into their contest. Many mentioned that I should enter it but I already did. I don�t know how long it takes to see if you make it into their gallery but it looks like 1-2 weeks if you make it in.

Picture of the Day comes from Vampire Knight:

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