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Friday, January 18, 2008

Look at how pimped by NeoPet is now! Hee! On the actual site, it’s all animated but it wont let you save the animated one to share on other sites. Boo. Hiss. My supervisor who’s been on NeoPets for over 4 years saw my Kisten_Luv pet and she’s like, “What? Huh? How the heck did you do that?!” I had to show her how I dressed him up and changed the background and stuff. It’s easy but she never thought of pimping her pets like I did mine.XD And special thanks to Escalababe who gave me an Ogrin (that’s the breed of my pet) plushie on the site! My pet really only likes to play with plushies that look like him. Conceded much?

So, in my last post, I mentioned the Twilight book series and I think some people thought that entire paragraph was about it…it wasn’t, I was actually talking about another series in that paragraph…I think most people just saw, Twilight and disregarded the rest of the paragraph thinking that’s all I was talking about. Ah well and for the maaaaaany people who asked…the Edward/Bella story is NOT a trilogy. I had *thought* it was going to be but after the 3rd book…you can tell there will be more. The 4th book is called, Breaking Dawn and it’s set to be released Fall of this year. A coworker of mine said she heard it was going to be at least 5 books long. Gargh…she’s dragging the story out further then it should be. Ah well, I loved the books anyway so will continue them. And yes, I know they’re making a movie based on Twilight…it's set to possibly be released in 2010...the same year The Hobbit is supposed to come out! I'm so ecstatic they FINALLY decided to make The Hobbit and it's going to be split into 2 parts which is good...means they wont try and cram too much into one movie.^_^

I’m currently working on a Valentine drawing…well, I have it planned but haven’t started drawing it yet.XD I haven’t popped out a new drawing in a loooooong time but this is one I really want to do and it’s working with characters I’ve never attempted before so we’ll see how it comes out.
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