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Saturday, January 5, 2008

I’m having lots of fun on NeoPets! I joined it because my supervisor at work was playing it and it looked fun. I only play it when at work though because we have a lot of down time and we need stuff to keep ourselves occupied.XD I can only read for so long before my head gets cloudy so I rotate reading with internet games and stuff. Of course, I only do this AFTER I have finished all my work for the day. lol! And yeah, I guess NeoPets is aimed more-so for kids but sometimes, it’s fun to play kid’s stuff! When I want to play “adult games” I go onto King.com and play on there…but I’ve played all those games so many times and NeoPets really isn’t that different when it comes to the games aspect of it. It’s pretty cute that you take care of your NeoPet and it talks to you and stuff. I was looking at buying him a NeoHouse and he says, “I want a palace made out of chocolate!” Ka-hee! So KAWAII!!! I named him Kisten_Luv and you can oogle his cuteness in my last post.XD

So, I went to my brother’s-but-soon-to-be-my-apartment today. He mostly wanted to show me what things he was leaving behind, where his washer and dryer are, how to take care of his fish, etc. Man, those saltwater fishies are hard to take care of! I have to clean so many filters! He’s got a HUGE saltwater fish tank that’s all fancy with live-coral in it and everything….but there’s only 3 fish in it! lol! I have to test the water’s PH and make sure the filters run smoothly because apparently, a filter stopped working and the PH went too high and that’s what killed almost all his fish! Saltwater fish are a pain…but awfully purty…I’ll probably buy another clown fish since he only has one and clownfish like to be in packs.^_^

Whelp, I got some more packing to do…yeehaw...my kitty, FuzzButt keeps jumping in all my boxes. Baka neko.
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