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Friday, December 21, 2007

Wow, I feel like bonking my head…with my drawing in my last post, a couple people said in the comments, hey, your drawing reminds me of Prince of Tennis is that where you got the idea from? *smacks forehead to the point of indenting it* Dudes, if you had simply CLICKED on my drawing and actually LOOKED at it, you’d see that it’s a Prince of Tennis fan art! Gah…*bonks head again* Those are the same kinds of people on my post will ask, what materials did you use or, what anime is it from? And if they’d simply look at the drawing, I clearly state what materials I use and what anime/manga it’s from. It’s like them pointing a finger at themselves saying, “Hey, look at me! I’m lazy and am making it obvious I’d rather spend the time to type out a question then simply looking at the artwork and finding out myself!” I can’t stand that…*grumbles to myself*

*breathes* Anywho, today is my birthday! Whoop-di-do-da. I look forward to tonight though because my boys are coming to my house and we’re exchanging Christmas gifts…and birthday gifts for me. And then we’re going to go see Sweeney Todd…the new Tim Burton movie with Johnny Depp and it’s based on the dark musical. Can’t wait! Then we’re going to go out to dinner and who knows what we’ll do after that.
Oh, and yesterday I had those 2 big newses…newses, I invented a word apparently but yeah, the 3rd big news was that my eldest brother is moving to New Jersey for awhile so I’ll be taking his apartment. He has a nice big apartment too and it’s in a quiet neighborhood. He said that he’d pay for my electricity and gas bill which is awesome since that’ll be a big help. The apartment comes with free Road Runner and cable too!

Picture of the Day again, comes from the manga, MeruPuri…such a pretty manga…awesome manga-ka:

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