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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Again, I appreciate those who checked out my fan manga and commented on it! *passes out Reese�s and Snickerdoodles* Seems like people enjoyed it! Plus, the fact that many people mentioned that they liked how the artwork in it was good but that the storyline was just as good.^____^ That was important to me because it was hard to try and convey a decent story when you�re only allowed a maximum of 5 pages to do it in (the contest rules was that it had to be 1-5 pages). I�ve seen mangas that are so beautifully drawn but they lack a good story, so the challenge was trying and to keep both aspects up in that. Hee! And for those who asked how I came up with the Ghostbusters ending�don�t ask because my mind is random and when random crap like that pops in, I just take it for what it is�I guess you can blame my love for Looney Tunes and Animaniacs for the sense of humor I have now in �adulthood.�XD XD

Speaking of Animaniacs, remember a couple months ago when I made that compilation video if their best quotes and posted it on YouTube? Well, in those couple months it�s already gotten over 64,000 views and almost 1,500 faves and almost 400 comments! lol! Animaniacs fans tend to never cease their love for that show.
And jumping to something completely different, the season 8 box set of South Park was on sale at Target so I bought it. I�ve been waiting for this set to go on sale because this is the season when they have the anime parody on it! Oh man, I love that episode! Kyle, Cartmen, Kenny, and Stan get those Japanese weapons and so they envision themselves in anime form and most of the episode is done like an anime episode.XD

Did everyone have a nice Halloween? I had to work but one of my coworkers dressed as Santa Clause. That amused me. And here�s a Halloween picture from Code Geass:

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