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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Iím glad to see people agreed with my suggestion in my last post about creating a ďdoodleĒ section to help to start filtering the fan art galleries. I know that popular animes will still almost always overpower an original art piece but I really think it would help. By filtering out all the ďdoodlesĒ of Naruto or Bleach so that a completed original art piece can move up a little and not be lost in the swamp of fan art doodles, I think it will help even a little. A couple commented that they enjoy looking through the scrap section on Deviant Art which is good! Because that means that people will still look at doodles on this site. I just donít think that itís right that a doodle of Naruto gets more faves/comments/votes then an original completed artwork that obviously, a person spent a lot of time and effort on and Iím glad Adam is addressing this issue.

Anyway, I FINISHED MY FAN MANGA!!! YAY! But donít look into my gallery yet because it wont be there!! lol! I still need to do the cover art for it. The fan manga itself is done and Iím very happy with how it came out! Even my dad (whoís my worst critic) said that it looked truly professional so that made me happy. And to answer your question KnightWolfGirl, I plan on doing the cover by hand and it will be a colored completed piece. Iím not going to use the Manga Studio Ex for the cover because I wanted to show (if my manga is fortunate enough to make it far enough in the contest that itís on display at the NY Anime Festival) that I can do artwork by hand and I donít solely use the computer. Even though all you guys know that I do all my artwork by hand, this fan manga being my first done on the computer, but those who donít know my works wouldnít know.

And I apologize that I didnít get to everyoneís sites the last time I updated. The one time I came on to comment, Otaku was down and I after that, all my attention was on completed the fan manga. But, Iíll be around this time!^_^
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