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Monday, October 22, 2007

I like to see on Adamís site that heís addressing the issue of original artworks being basically ignored on this site. Itís a problem Iíve been noticing more and more lately. I see gorgeous original artworks with less votes/views/faves while a quick doodle of a Naruto character gets loads of praise. Adam was asking what we think should be done to help this and I mentioned that Otaku should have a ďscrap/doodle/works-in-progressĒ section much like Deviant Art does. I think that would be a great way to filter out some of the artworks that do not belong in a main gallery. I find it tough to see works that a person obviously, spent hours/days/weeks on being overtaken by a person who decides to submit a whole bunch of doodles that took them a couple minutes. Having a ďdoodleĒ section I think would allow the works that people obviously spent lots of time on, shine! And I see a lot of the doodles are those of famous animes like Naruto, Bleach, Kingdom Hearts, etc. so filtering the scraps from the completed pieces seems like a good idea. To me anyway.XD

Anywho, I was going to update yesterday but had nothing to really talk about. lol! I still donít because Iíve spent the last 3 days of my days off sitting on my butt and working on my fan manga contest entry. Iím happy to say that I finished pages 1 and 2 and am half-way through the final page. I still have a few hours before I go to bed, so I think I could get almost of all page 3 done by tonight! Iím hoping anyway because I want to spend this next week working on the cover page. All this is due by November 1st and I donít want to be completely rushing those last few days.
Once I finish this fan manga I can focus on getting my book put together and sent out to the printers and get things ready for the coloring class I was asked to do at the NY Anime Festival. Man, if I didnít have a full-time job, Iíd have a lot more time to get stuff done!

Picture of the Day comes from Inuyasha:

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