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Monday, October 15, 2007

My kitty, FuzzButt was in quite the rambunctious mood today. He was running around our house just jumping and leaping on everything. There was one part that was hilarious though, FuzzButt isnít supposed to be on the tables or counters and I was in the kitchen and I hear FuzzButt jump onto one of the dining room chairs opposite of where I am. I look over, and at first I see nothing, but then a little kitty head starts slooooooowly peeking over the table. I cracked up because it reminded me so much of an anime character that peeks from under the screen. But then, FuzzButt leaps onto the dining room table and does a mad sprint to the kitchen counter, does a mighty LEAP OF EPIC POPORTIONSÖ..and misses! Hahahaha! He falls on the floor and then runs underneath our chair cushions and stares at me while Iím laughing, sulking the entire time. Heehee! It amused me anyway.XD XD

So, I was watching videos on youtube with my supervisor at work (lol! Yeah, rather then working she wanted to watch videos online), and we came across this MADTV parody of Tickle Me Elmo called, Tickle Me, Emo. Ha! We were cracking up and I thought Iíd share the video with you guys. I like it since itís so overly dramatic and I like what the little kid says at the end:

Iíve been working on my fan manga all day and have barely eating anything since I was overly distracted.XD Now, Iím uberly hungry and I WANT SODIUM, DAMMIT! So, Iím off for some ramen!!^___^
Picture of that Day comes from Ouran High School Host Club:

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