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Monday, October 8, 2007

So, last night my boys, Tyler, Gavin, and Phil came over to my house for a BBQ and my other pal, Cessi came too. It was fun! It didn’t take long for my boys to spot the water guns that we keep on our counter to squirt our kitty, FuzzButt if he’s bad. Of course, we all got drenched…I should have known to hide those things. Feh! After we ate we played Cranium…I know, we’re such bad-asses! And we had had a few drinks so it was even funnier and more entertaining.
We then watched this absolutely HORRIBLE horror movie called, Do Not Open Till Christmas. Oh my, it was so bad we were in pain. Nothing made sense at all and there was only like, one character that had any substance to her and she got murdered for really no reason since the movie was basically, some nut who went around killing people dressed like Santa Clause….but the main lady of the movie wasn’t even dressed like Santa yet she got killed anyway? *shrugs*

Oh but one random funny thing…Tyler found a post-it notepad that says on the top: Things To Do and then it has spaces you fill in and check off once you get them done. So, Tyler filled in the first space, and then passed it to Gavin and then those 2 filled it up and the whole thing was about Phil, who wasn’t even paying attention and when I saw this check list, I laughed so hard. Here was the “To Do” checklist:
-Get rid of Phil
-Get new roommate
-Sell Phil’s stuff
-Burn the rest
-Repeat cycle
-Raise Phil from the dead
-Chain Phil to porch
Hahahaha! That was their checklist and when Phil finally asked what we were laughing at, he was just, “……hey!” Heehee! I kept that To Do list because it was so funny…and obviously, it was meant in good and fun, not to be taken seriously.^_~

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