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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ha! I like in my last post, how many of you asked if you could give me a swift kick in the ass anyway. lol! Boy, I have such nice friend on Otaku.XD…the willingness to kick someone’s butt sounds like something I would say. It reminds me of one of my fave quotes:
A good friend will pick you up when you fall. A *best* friend will laugh and trip you again.
I think a clue to a good friendship is when you can joke around like that. Like some of you asking to kick my butt regardless if I become snotty or not. *wipes tears* I feel so loved. And many commented on my height in the picture of me in my last post. Yeah, I'm 5'9" which isn't *that* tall. I mean, it is for a girl, I guess and when I wear normal shoes I'm almost 6 feet. So when I wear heels I'm screwed because I'm then usually taller then the guys then. Feh! And yes, I'm a scrawny butt. Tall and scrawny, hence why my friends refer to me as "the elf" of the group.XD

So, for the longest time I’ve had this computer program called, Manga Studio Debut and it’s a beginners program to making mangas. I finally tried the program and really liked it but I noticed it was missing a lot of features and then I see that “Debut” is the super-condensed version of a full program. So, I downloaded the full-version of the program…totally legally of course…*shifty eyes* called Manga Studio Ex and whoa boy, is it awesome! I’ve been experimenting on my old manga with Estel and Leetha and already can see a big difference. From being easily able to make panels, word balloons, action lines, textures, backgrounds, it’s great and I think it will help make future mangas I make look more professional. Woot!

Picture of the Day comes from Princess Princess:

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