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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Gomen! My links didn’t work yesterday and it wasn’t until I finally checked my site at 3:00pm and noted they weren’t working and I fixed them then. So yeah, about ½ of the commenters got working links while the first half had non-working ones. Ah well, here’s the link to the New York Anime Festival where you can see me listed as one of the special guests! Squee!!!:
HERE! And for all of those who said “don’t forget the Otaku once you get famous,” I say, NEVER! For one, I doubt this one gig will make me “famous” and two, I love you guys too much to leave! And I’ve told my friends this but now I’m saying it here, “if I ever become a stuck-up artist, please give me a swift kick in the ass.” lol! If there’s one thing I can’t stand, is artists who are good and know they’re good, therefore, it’s okay for them to be snotty to others. I don’t see it too much on Otaku but on Deviant Art…holy moly have I met some brats. I could list 3 DA artists off the top of my head who are so full of themselves I want to prick them with a needle to pop their swollen heads…but I wont list those artists because…well, that would be stupid.XD

And I got my new car today! Well, like I said, not brand new but new to me. It was my mom’s car and they just bought a new one so they sold me there’s. And yes, many said that they couldn’t believe my parents didn’t just *give* me the car rather then having me have to buy it. Well, my parents are very rich but they’re very cheap. lol! And they have the frame of mind that since I’m earning my own income, then that means they no longer give me anything for free. It’s the way it works in some households and I can’t complain, they did buy me my old Saturn which has lasted me since 2000! So, almost 8 years! Oh, and promised here’s a picture of MY NEW CAR!!! *doors open and Price is Right music starts up*

And yes, that’s me with it. My dad made me pose in front of the car. I hate my picture taken and I felt like such a dweeb. But speaking of dweeb, any of you read the manga called, Hot Gimmick? Well, it’s a great manga and there’s a hard-core Otaku in that manga and his name is Subaru…like my new car! Hee!

Picture of the Day comes from Ouran High School Host Club…Tamaki-kun!!! *attack glomps him*

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