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Sunday, September 23, 2007

I finished the drawing for SessLover18! I don’t often do requests but we did a sorta art trade deal in which she’s vectoring some images for me and I did this drawing for her! I’m sending her the original of this too since she’s just that special. Lol! Anywho, if you could take a look at the drawing and comment, I’d very much appreciate it:

Other then that, I finally watched the Death Note movie. I say “finally,” because I’ve had this DVD since February but never watched it. Lol! The movie was okay but I think it was a made-for-tv movie rather then a movie shown in theaters? I only say that because I bought the Japanese DVD and randomly, along the bottom it will have some Japanese symbols while saying, “TV” beside it. I thought the movie was okay and did a fairly good job with the characters…definitely the actor who did L was the best. He certainly did a great job studying the motions and habits of L since he seemed the most accurate to the character.

Picture of the Day comes from Ouran High School Host Club:

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