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Monday, September 17, 2007

So the art show was Sunday and it went well. It was outside in a park and it was bloody freezing all day though! 44 degrees! *shiver* Too cold for this time of year and it was cloudy most of the day with only a crack of sun here and there. I wore one of those long, baby doll sweaters so it kept me warmish for awhile but it didn’t take long for my scrawny butt to start shivering. There was this older couple who had work on display next to mine and the hubby ran to his car to get me an extra sweatshirt. Aw! My mom showed up later on which shocked me because I didn’t think she’d come but she brought me one of my winter coats and gloves so that was nice. During lunchtime most people went to local stores and bought food but I’m a cheap mo-fo when it comes to food and don’t like to excessively spend money on it (anime: yes, art supplies: yes, food: no) and again, the couple next to me gave me an extra sandwich they had purchased because they said I was too skinny and needed to get some fuel into me. They were so motherly and cute.XD

The show lasted for 7 hours…waaaaay too long but I mostly walked around and socialized with people. I met two younger people who had brought their portfolios in so I could look at it. One girl was so sweet! This is the girl who had seen my work on Deviant Art and was so excited to meet me. She kept looking up at me all starry eyed and I looked through her artwork (which was very nice) and gave her some tips and what-not and she’s heard of Otaku and is thinking of getting an account here. I hope she does since she was so sweet!
I also had a lot of people come up to me asking me if I could design logos and websites for them and do commission work as well and I gave them my business card so things are looking pretty good in my road to getting myself an art career.

After the show, I met up with my boys and we saw the movie, ‘Balls of Fury’…it’s that movie about ping pong and we mostly wanted to see it since it had a lot of the cast of Reno911 in it…the movie wasn’t very good, don’t see it. But it had a few great one-liners. So,
Quote of the day comes from one of the one-liners from Balls of Fury and it was said by the girlfriend:
“I’m trying to express my love by sacrificing my life for you…so stop being a dick!!!”

Picture of the Day comes from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children:

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