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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mushi, mushu, Everyone! Iím so sorry for not getting to peopleís sites! Iíve been very busy with work and the graphic design project for the art festival this weekend. Iím finally done with the brochure! Yesssss. It drove me nuts because they kept on changing things and saying, ďoh wait, can you add this and can you add thatĒ argh! Donít they realize that every time I have to ďaddĒ something, I have to completely re-do the composition and page lay-out to fit new stuff in? I wish they could have figured out everything they needed PRIOR to me completing a page. But finally, thatís done, the t-shirt designs are done, posters are done, and ads are done. *wipes forehead*

Since I did the graphic art for the festival I get a free spot in the show and they had the artist meet & greet thingy tonight. It was interesting meeting the other artists. Many came up to me to ask questions because Iím the youngest person there so I guess they see me as a beacon of hope of possibly making a professional artist of myself. Lol! I was cornered by 4 artists at one point and they were asking how much I charge for my artwork and when I told them, they all said I was way under priced. They said with my quality of art I should be charging $50 an hour for my photorealism pieces! Holy flippiní hell! They said that they were professional enough and that I shouldnít be selling myself for any less then that. O_o I think $50 an hour would be great, but I think even Iíd feel bad charging that much. But yeah, each artist only had one piece at this show but the big show is Sunday and I plan on having both my anime and photorealism there. Iíve already met a few people who said they had people they wanted me to talk to since they wanted advice on both photorealism and animeÖ.those two donít often go hand-in-hand but I like doing both!

So, I have to pick up some things tomorrow and I need to work on my drawing for SessLover18 and Iím also going to do a doujinshi for that fan manga contest and Iím working on my OCís for my manga. So many projects, so little time.
Picture of the Day comes from Fruits Basket:

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