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Monday, September 10, 2007

Glad you guys like my new theme! Many commented that I changed my theme so quickly…erm, huh?! I had my last theme since early May! Lol! Over 4 months! I wouldn’t call that changing my theme too often. Yeah, my BG image is pretty simplistic but I love this image of Leloch so it stays! I think people would rather see really overly-done gaudy backgrounds. That’s what ticks me off about some wallpaper sites. I had uploaded a wallpaper on MiniTokyo that was all nicely done and it took me a long time to do because I cleaned it up and made up a new composition…and it was taken down by a moderator because there wasn’t “enough” done to it! WTF?! So, I added a bunch of sh*t into it and boom, it was accepted. Lol! I don’t like that version…I often prefer simplistic wallpapers over ones that have loads of swirls and sparkles in them. But, that’s just me but don't get me wrong! There's are wallpapers that have a lot of stuff in them and they look wonderful because they are well put together. I appreciate those wallies.^_^

I’ve been crabby all day. Haha…like it’s not obvious above.XD The weather today has been dark, cruddy, rainy and I hate it!! I’m all about sunshine and birds chirping…not this non-stop rain and storming crap. I had to meet up with the lady that I’m doing the graphic design work for this afternoon too and I barely remember what we talked about! My head gets in a total fog when it’s raining. Good thing I took notes to things she wanted me to do or else I’d be screwed. The art festival I’m doing the graphic design work for is this coming weekend and I prefer to get things done waaaay in advance so I don’t have to rush, but these people waited till the last minute to give me everything they need so now I have to rush. Feh! At least I get a free spot in the show and oh! Apparently, a girl saw my name as being in the show and got all excited because she knew my work from online and wanted to meet me!

I’m going to end my post with an amusing quote to liven it up:
“If you’re doing crafts with glitter, prepared to get it all over you. Glitter is the herpes of arts and crafts.”
Picture of the Day comes from Loveless:

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