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Sunday, October 30, 2005



Amazingly, Elske made it in time for Gaia's Halloween 2K5 event!

I'm currently engrossed in the time consuming effort of being zombefied.
Getting Grunnys is becoming harder and harder. --

I've visited one or two of joos, but there's a surprising lack of updates today...

Oh well.


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Saturday, October 29, 2005

   Hey hey hey!

How's life?

Things over here are pretty dandy.
Last night saw a certain someone going to our early Halloween party.

Yes, it was my first actual Halloween party. Yeah, we had costumes and everything! Albeit, of course a bit toned down. A few kids had maks, and three or four of us took a swing at putting together costumes.

I tried the army-look, but I didn't have a hat. So. We made a plan... let's just say that I ended up looking like Chewbacca's cousin. XD

That was fun-zor!
(I'm a bit tired now, though...)

Oh yeah...
I was lucky enough to manage to get my Halloween theme up somewhere in last week. Do you like it?

Thanks to my commentors!
Elske lubs ya! :heart:

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Sunday, October 2, 2005


As from October, I will only be online two weekends a month.

My time online has been reduced.
Even more.

My mom recons that we're wasting money on luxuries like these, money that can be used elsewhere.
Now, while I can understand this, it doesn't mean that I have to like it.

Y'all will see far less of me than you allready do...
Please understand that I don't always have time to comment.
I might visit, but commenting isn't always posible.

Man... this sucks.

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Saturday, October 1, 2005


I had a post planned...
I swear!

I'm useless, I know.

Well, today turned out surprisingly cloudy, seeing as though it was so hot this morning.

Boy, cleaning sucks.

You know, the freakiest thing happened...
I'd just finished cleaning out my bath, and was sitting at the kitchen table with my mom.

Guess what happened?
The mirror that was standing on... the... thing... erm... washbasin?
Sink? The sink.
It just... fell over.
All by itself.
Freaky shit, no?

It broke, of course. I guess the wind must have had something to do with it, since the bathroom window is seldom left open.
Unlike today.

Well, at least no one gets that seven year's bad luck, right?
It DID fall over by itself...


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Friday, September 30, 2005

   Helicopter Ride?! OMHFS!!!!111!1!!!one111!!!1!

[3:09 PM]

I'm typing this in advance, because I. Just. Got. Back.
Read the title!
Elske went on a helicopter ride!
It was amazing...
Words can't describe the uber-awesomeness!
As you can probably tell, this was my first time in one, and only my second time in the air.

Don't know who organised it, but it was completely free.
All you needed, was one of those nifty forms. Signed by your parents, of course.
(Heaven forbid that enyone gets sued.)
I got mine last Thursday, and it was quite the rush on Friday morning, because only the first twelve students who handed in their signed forms at the secretary's office would get a seat on the helicopter.

Today was the big day!
We were dealing with the Army here, so there shouldn't be any problems, right?
We were supposed to lift off from the school's rugby fields at 1:00 PM, but when I arrived there, I was told that it had moved to 1:45 PM, at the air field. Oh the joys of waiting.
Forget friggin Spring. I swear the seasons decided to skip a few month's worth of weater and get right to Summer. It's so friggin HOT!
So, we waited in the shade. At the air strip thing. And we waited. And more and more people seemed to arrive... as did the helicopter, which I had last seen at the school.
It just stood there.
So we waited.
It took ages for them to sort out a group of kids from the Herberg (don't ask), and we were kinda pissed, because the Robertson High group was all sorted. "Why can't they just take us up first?" was a question many asked. Eventually, there was a roll-call for all those who'd handed in forms.
Then we were devided into four groups of roughly sixteen people. I was to be in the third group.
It was all good.

By this time, both my parents and my sister had given up and left. Who can blame them?
So we waited for our turn. Things went smoothly from here, since each group only had about ten minutes in the air. The most awesome thing, was getting in.
Yes. You heard me.
Why? Because, from the second group on, we all had to get in WHILE THE BLADES WERE SPINNING. Like, woah dudes.
I even had to take off my glasses, because we were warned that loose things tended to get sucked up into the rotating blades. XD

Yeh, I had to get in on all fours, since there were no hand holds, and the bloody step was pretty high.
Luckily, there were seats WITH seatbelts. (Even though I couldn't find mine for at least two minutes.)
I'd been rather worried about what kind of helicopter it would be, and I even went to the trouble of wearing boots in this warm weather so that I wouldn't loose my slip-ons out the door. XD
The thing had doors though, which was a plus.

I can't get over the way our town looks from up there. We were largely in the mountains when we flew, but coming from and returing to the strip, it was amazing. We basically only did one turn, albeit a BIG one, going towards the mountains, and coming back. Still, I didn't recognise a single landmark.
There was one point where the pilot did a sharp turn, where if you looked out of our side's windows (the seats were placed back-to-back) you only saw the ground, but when you turned around to look out the opposite windows, all you saw was clear sky.
Freaky shit.
I still loved it though, and I'm proud to say that I kept my lunch.
It might have been a short ride, but it didn't feel that way.
Worth the waiting, if you ask me.

Getting out was even better than getting in...
When they opened those doors, man...

Maybe I should stop.
I'm babbling, aren't I?
I've been at this for almost thirty minutes...
Oh well.


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Friday, September 23, 2005

   Like, Woah.

I guess I've got to work harder if I want replies.


Last Friday was my sister's Matric Dance... something that I think can be compared to your Senior Prom.
Never did mention that. Thought I should.

Yesterday, she got her licence.

Today was the end of the third term. We only have a week off before the final term starts, but it's all good.
Didn't do too badly with my marks, since I'm something like 15th in my grade at the moment.
Still, I got my 80%, so I guess I can't complain.

I'm allergic to cats.
It's not fair...
I spent the day looking after the kitten that my sister got for Mark to say thanks for all his help with her driving lessons.

I guess I understand why you like them so much, Mercurian Adept.


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Friday, September 16, 2005


Spring is here!

Actually, it's been a while now, since the season officially starts on the 1st of September, but what the Heck.

Spring it is.

I've got the new theme up, and it's all nice and green.
I'm sure you get why. The lime's a bit much though...
Gotta work on that... XD

There's a surprise up there for you.
Singing in Afrikaans.

I just had to put that up...
I can't help but laugh everytime I hear that song!
The difference in accents can sometimes be painfully obvious, so even though the song serves as a base to let all of you know a bit of what I sound like, certain aspects of it is still horribly inacurate.

It might be my mothertongue, but I do not sound like that.

Trust me.

Still cool though.

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Sunday, September 11, 2005


You'll never guess what I just saw.
Three bonefied, honest to crap, real, live, LEOPARDS.

They were having lunch too.
Slightly unpleasant, that.

I saw them nonetheless.
My mom got my dad to go show us the new storage-thingy he's putting up for one of the farmers outside Montagu, and we eventually ended up driving around in the mountains up there. (Almost got lost, too. XD)

I knew that there were a few wildlife reserves up there, but I had no idea that they had actual wildlife. I thought it was just bucks and stuff.

You never expect these things to turn up so close to home.

In other news:
Ho my Gourd!
Elske is FAMOUS!

Yah, just thought I'd mention that yours truly got featured in the local paper.
Unfortunately, it's nothing big.
They just featured a photo of the mediaprefects of our school.
(A.K.A us dudes who work in the school library.)

It's all good.

Well, I'm out for today.
Big up to my three commentors, Jaxx, Ryiosay, and Natsumi.

We lubs ya.

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Saturday, September 10, 2005


Well, yesterday saw the end of the test series for this term.

Heck yeah.

Unfortunately my marks aren't what I'd hoped for so far... but I guess I should've expected that.

Hopefully things will look up as we work out the rest of our marks next week. I don't have much hope for keeping my 7th spot on the rankings though. XD

Well, it was a good week.
I can't complain.

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Sunday, August 28, 2005


I can't believe I forgot to mention this. XD

Usually, Roberton and Ceres take turns to host the Interschools. Well, the last time we were there, we brought our Cheerleaders along. It was only the first year we had them, and Ceres hadn't had Cheerleaders of their own. But this year, they were ready for us.

They head this whole slutty, over-long routine planned out.
And what did we have?

We kicked ass with BOYS.
Yessir. A group of Matrics (final year students) got together and planned their own routine to replace the girls, since no one was interrested.

It was awesome! They did this whole gumboot thing, with bottlecap rattles, the works. They even wore old rugby jerseys! (They performed before the first team's big game).

They did not degrade themselves by swinging pom-poms around. Oh no. They had... wait for it... PINK FEATHER DUSTERS! XD
Our school went mad as we cheered... it was the best part of the whole trip.

I swear, Alliston and Hendrik are everywhere...
I wonder what the Drama will do without them next year?

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