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This is a site where 4 friends can post anything they want $ My name is Sin and I'm the Fire element $ Oh $ Instead of using . ! and ? I use doller signs $ Well, I can't talk long $ Very busy $ Plus I need to work on my new moves $ See ya's $$SIN OUT$$

Ya, Hi im Ren, and I would type something, but im just too lazy. -=-" sry...

Sunday, October 7, 2007

   This is Sin
hey peeps >.< okay i got a new neibor and he is totally hottttt but he knows i like him and he told me he doesn't like me like that and we are friends >.< he's been datin and he's mad cuz i gross out his dates (dont ask!) and stuff so they run off and not talk to him and junk and he says i'm ruinin his love life but i'm helpin him now that he has to be with me!! so wat should i do to make him like me again!?
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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Its me Ren, heres just a bit about me. ^^
Ren:Here is my earth info...?
earthquake, spinning earth, revive (i revive using plants and flowers) animal love (animals come to help me), peircing scream, bombarding fruit, slicing rainbow, rock rain, boulder throw and smash, and bark slicer. Oh ya, and theres also deforestation...(that can kill someone...)

Drinks: Dr Pepper and Juice
Animal: anything big and fluffy. OH ya, and i also like flying squirrels... basically, anything fluffy.
Birthday: 27, December, 1993
Colors: green, brown, pink
Planet: Earth, i am the princess of Earth
Zodiac: Capricorn
Chinese: Rooster
Symbol: flower
Guy: Ed or Russel... I havent decided yet...
Jewelry: anything handmade with plants or natural materials...
house: I live in a tree Candy: m&ms
Nickname: Flower
Pokemon: All Earth types, Entei, Suicine, rock types, grass types

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