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Hey everyone!! my real name is Lynne. i hate it...but oh well. i have black hair and brown eyes. im sort of on the short side...and i am totaly obsessed with anime. namely yu yu hakusho, inuyasha and wolf's rain. i have lots more but that would take up all my characters. feel free to PM me if ya want. i luv talking to people!!^.^ I like the name Miki...so yall can call me that if ya want to...yeah. so thats about it.

Friday, July 1, 2005

*sniff* was i gone too long? do i no longee get any love?? oh, how cruel...newayz, i was just gonna ask if anyone had a xanga??

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

well, i got in a fight today. again. with this girl named alexis. she is such a dramatic person. i hate her. well, she cussed my friends friend named audrey out, and audrey got really upset. the only thing audrey was doing was complimenting alexis' xanga, and alexis doesnt even know audrey so she has no right to judge her like that. i got dragged into this cuz alexis is a m/f and she started talking trash about my friend kayla on my site. i got really mad today. she cried. as usual. and stomped off. that was pretty much my day. when you go into the room that we hang out in (my whole group) after we have been in it a while, you will seriously pass out. it smells horrid!! lol. i didnt realize until yesterday. it was so funny yet oh, so stinky...lol. i g2g. i'm not supposed to be on the computer but am anyway and i dont wanna get caught. LATERZ!!!

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Monday, June 20, 2005

omg, this took absolutely forever. i am SO sorry that i took so long. but i havent been on in a long time and i am just now getting back to you from who knows how long, so i really am sorry. i also am at the library and have no time left. so, shout out to me. tell me how angry you are that i havent been on in a long time and i wil get back to you!! PROMISE!!!! lol.

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grrr...I AM NOT LONELY!!! *huff* grr. oh well. i must be...*huddles up in corner* *sniff* *sob* lol
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