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Saturday, December 15, 2007

   God's CHRISTmas story!! READ IT!!

Ho Ho Ho ya'll!!! lol
well i hope you guys are having a good Pre-CHRISTmas couple of weeks! lol i know mine going well!
well hay!! here's a little story for my fellow Christians who like Santa as well! this is no chain letter, nor am i going to say "post in 2 minues or else!" this is just a little story from me to you, wrote just for you. and remember my friends! Jesus is the Reason for the Season!!!

The Christmas story... God's way.

The night was a cold one, as every night is around this time of year. as I moved along through the cold night air i felt a chill run down my spine. As i was pulling up my warm red coat i saw a bright light in the horizen, the sky was cloudy and dark, but that single star shone through all the blackness. Curiosity got the best of me, so I started towards where the light seemed to be pointing me. As I got closer, I saw an old city, and right in the middle was a small stable. The light from the star grew brighter, and pointed towards the tiny barn. i'd never seen anything like this, so i stopped my little red sleigh and got out. slowly i walked to where the star was leading me, as i came closer i saw some people standing outside, so i moved into the shadows, of the buildings bracing myself from the bitter cold. the people's voices were a tiny whisper, but i could make out a few words. "A baby?" i said to myself, eavesdropping on the figures only a few feet away from my position. as i snuck closer i saw movient in the corner of my eye, turning to see who might be there, a group of 3 men wearing wonderful silk clothes, with gold and silver crowns on their seemingly tired heads. these 3 people were kings! "why would kings like this be out in this minature city?" i grew closer to the barn, and the star was directly above my head, i looked into a little window, setting my bag down in the dirt, to see who was causing the comotion. in the straw, my eyes come upon a mother, holding a tiny babe. the baby didn't cry, nor did he seem like a normal child, there seemed to be an air of stillness surrounding the entire town. i drew in a breath and before i could even exhail, the woman turned to me and said "please, come in santa" her voice so calm and clear, even after giving birth. Looking down on this scene, the mother and her perfect babe, tears welled up in my eyes. i knelt down next to them, and began to weep "Who is this child?" i said to the woman between sobs. she set s hand on my shoulder smiling, "This is the Son of God, sent to earth as a little babe" her words brought me both happiness, and suprise, was i really in the presents of God's Son? i could feel it inside me, I was. "what is His name?" i asked her "His name, is Jesus" she replied calmly.. "Jesus..." i turned to where i had set my bag, and took it into my arms. i brought ot over to the woman and her child. i reached into my pack and pulled out a fragile trinket. it was a little glass ball, with the beautiful image of a star painted on it by hand. "here, take this" i told the woman, who took it from me with a look of pure awe on her sleepy face. "But santa, this is your last gift" she said noticing my bag was more or less empty. "Yes, it is, and it's the most precious thing i have, i want Him to have it." "oh thank you Santa. she managed to say, with a tear in her eyes "how can i repay you?" As she spoke i wiped the tear with my gloved hand, "If i may, just give my thanks" i stood up and walked to where she had laid him, in an old manger, i knelt down next to him, the night was silent, no words, no noise, just peace. i whispered to the tiny babe "Thank you, for sending your Son, Father God. thank you."

~~that's my story folks, and i'm sticking to it. May God bless you, not only his Christmas season, but all year 'round. do what you want with this story, I wrote it in hopes people would read it, and connect God back with the christmas spirit. thank you for taking your time to read my futile attempt at writing~~

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