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1000 words from Final Fantasy X2. Its my favorite version of this song!

i'm Tina.
& i'm not the prettiest, funniest, or most charming person.
i'm just me; and i'm not like anyone else.
i care about other people more then i care about myself.
i look at like as a glass half full..not empty.
and i would give anything up to find true love.

i'm 14,
and i'm no longer a freshman.
i'm a

& i have the best friends ever.

i'm a super quiet person at first,
but once our relationship grows i will start to open up more.
and before long you won't get me to shut up. :]

i live.laugh. love. breath. and have fun with things.
i'm not perfect, and i don't try to be.

i love to hang out and party.
i do somethings i shouldn't do.
but its my life..
and i'm going to make my own descions.
and not let someone else make them for me.
and i don't fall for "peer pressuer"
i do something because i want to.
not because "everyone else is doing it"

m down to do anything if its with the people i love.
i'm always the one to do something daring.
i take chances with my life.

i'm one of those people who would go out
and have a crazy night with my friends.
and they next night i can just sit in the grass talking about life.

i'm a pretty simple girl.
get to know me.
something good might come out it.

Thursday, July 7, 2005


I know I haven't been posting. I'm sorry for that. This weeken I'll go on to everyones site and post and all that stuff. I've just been to busy. Well...umm, oh yeah.

Has anyone read Peach Girl? Well my friend Liz, she reminds me of Sae...a lot. And I feel like I'm Momo...like, the the place Sae puts Momo in...u.u

Aww crap, I have to go. I'll post tomorrow and try to make it to peoples sites.


<3 Tink

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