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Hey there everyone!! My actual user name on myotaku.com is kagomedemon....

but i forgot my password....so i made up a new one!!! ^ ^;;;;

anyways, i have been on deviantart the whole time until i remembered about myotaku.com,

so i rejoined!!! It's too bad i forgot my password though... > >;;

Please do visit my main artwork page which is


Do drop by when you feel like it. thanks.

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Enjoy Enjoy~ <3

I don't know what else to put....lol

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Greetings, Im back~
wow, it's been forever since i started to play with the codes on my otaku again. such a long time ago... o__O

i really dunno why i all of a sudden had this feeling of coming back her. Maybe because i haven't been here so long is why. haha, i don't even know.

But i do hope that many people do come on to look at my newly improved stuff. Since it's the weekend, i might do some pics of me and ishida kun~ :3 and maybe some sasunaru pics. I dunno, but it seems naruto is still way popular with people these days.

My Akatsuki Naruto and Deidara pic went on the featured on the day i just submited so i was really suprised. so yeah, I do hope many people like what i have in the near future.

I do love comments btw. haha

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Sunday, August 6, 2006

i have never been this bored ever in my LIFE.

i need to be more popular!! >DDD muahahahahahaahaha nah nah, i just want to be more experienced XP

lol, i don't have school yet so i have time to do a few drawings..well. more like doodles.

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