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Monday, December 24, 2007



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Saturday, December 8, 2007

i am in the changing (well trying) to change my site scheme again, but its proving to be troublesome...

ive decided to just leave the backgrounds..with kakashi, anything involving him will do^_^
he's my anime idol afterall..

and the post pic will change every now and then...why? might u ask...it'll depend on the manga that im reading..and right now..
its bleach..lol
if you didnt know who the character on my post is...

well anywho..
this week was hectic!
final exams all week!..today was the last final i took was today at 10 am! i was kinda tired but i finished it an hour...*bites nails*
i hope i passed it though....

so has everyone else been? anyone getting their christmas shopping done?
im about half way finished with mi shopping for presents...but my wallet will be full of moths by the end ...*sniffle*
but all for the sake of giving right...hehe....T_T
its ok though it only once a year...

question from Ed to u:
1.what manga are u currently reading?


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Monday, November 19, 2007

well i've finished most of my work for college, so at least i have a little more time for miself...its been awhile again since i posted..(once again i fall behind on the posting)

anywho, i finally fufilled one of my goals..which was to buy a german shepherd^^
i got a boy, 2 months old, and he is so cute!
ok..yes i know youre thinking>_<.."Ed you should stop getting pets cause u end up losing them or killing them.."
but i promised myself i would take care of this one^^, ive taken him to the vet and im feeding it, giving it baths on warm days and everything^^
im treating the pup like if it were my child (maybe im going a little to far huh..lol)
anywho, ill try a post a pic of him so u guys can see my baby^^
i hope everyone's been doing good^^
*whats everyone gonna do for thanksgiving besides hang out w/ the family and eat turkey?*


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