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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 09/17/05:

You as a Mermaid (for girls) by Day of Glory
Favorite color:
You as a Mermaid:
Your job:you don't really want a job
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Result Posted on 08/26/05:

You are one magnificent person! You are the night
of Christmas. You are a beautiful, good-hearted
person who enjoys the best for others. You are
probably very sentimental as well. You don't
believe in material objects for making you
happy, but in things more important. You truly
live out the spirit and meaning of this
holiday. Being around the ones you care about
most is enough to make you content. The thing
is that most people may either really love or
unfortunately hate you for your beautiful
nature. Merry Christmas =)

What Christmas Figure Are You?
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Result Posted on 08/26/05:

Complete sincerity: You believe in being
straightforward with others, and you expect the
same from them. People would consider you a
good listener, and one who is calm and mostly

Which Characteristic From the Samurai Code Matches You Best? (You may find out your best trait)
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Result Posted on 08/20/05:

Water dragon
You a cool Ice/water dragon! You like to make everywhere you go really icey,
just for the fun of it. And you like to make
snowballs to pelt everyone you see! Next time
your in my nieghbourhood, count me in. Mua ha
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha ha ha!

What kind of Dragon are YOU?(with pics now!)
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Result Posted on 08/20/05:

Your soul has Cute Wings
You are very fun to be around, but can
sometimes be a klutz(>.<)! You always seem to know whats in
and whats not, and you always seem to be in the in croud. But that
doesn't make you a bad friend, and in the end,
you're a very good person. Your wings give off a cutie type of personality which makes people, want to be somewhat like you.
But you seem to change just a bit day to day.
A Quote:The dumbest people I know are
those who know it all.

What kind of wings does YOUR soul have?(anime pics!!)
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Result Posted on 08/20/05:

NATURAL BEAUTY - You are patient, warm, and kind.
Like nature all around you you are methodical
and wise. Laidback and calm you are not quick
to anger but like nature when your wrath is
invoke you are terrible to behold. You can be
passionate and you can be compassionate.
Primarily you live to see others happy, but you
also seek your own true happiness and
unconditional love.

What type of beauty do you possess? (20 questions + 7 results + pretty pics)
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Result Posted on 08/17/05:

you are "yaoi" you sick sick twisted

What type of manga are you?
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Result Posted on 08/07/05:

Your critter companion is the Cute Hybrid. What is
it, you ask? Well, beats me, but its cute!
And it suits your personality very well. You
are a person who is very happy with your life
and may sometimes be considered a teeny bit
nave by others. Your innocence and
kind-hearted nature make you a friend of anyone
you meet, because you dont judge people based
solely on appearance. You are a very unique

What Kind of Critter Would be your Best Companion? (Anime pics!)
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Result Posted on 08/07/05:

If you were an anime character your most
distinctive feature would be your clothing.
Since clothing is the most easily changed part
of a person, this implies that you are ALWAYS
changing how you look and act. Not necessarily
in a bad way, though. Chances are you are a
bright individual who knows how to change your
attitude to suit whatever environment you are
faced with at the time. This allows you to
have as many (or as few) friends as you want
because you know how to keep pretty much
everyone happy.

What Would be your Most Distinguishing Physical Feature as an Anime Character? (anime pics!)
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Result Posted on 08/07/05:

Chopin Script Font
Your font is Chopin Script. (pronouned Show-pan
not Chop-in, in case you didn't know ^^)You are
a very elegant person and you have a way with
words. Chances are youd make a good politician
or counselor, because you know exactly what to
say and how to say it. Your tact and kindness
make you a very pleasant person to be around
and you can often see a situation from a unique
point of view. You are a very dependable
person, but sometimes you feel like something
is missing...

What Unique Font Best Matches You? (anime pics!)
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