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Welcome to my site !
My name is Easter. I am eighteen years old soon. I come from Hong Kong. The first anime I have seen is Pokemon. I like Pokemon, Death Note, Fullmetal alchelmist, Card Captor Sakura ... and Gundam Seed is the best. My favourite colour are purple, pink and white. I love facebooking, drawing, reading, listening to music and playing the piano. You can give some comments to my art works. Hope you will like my site and my works. ^_^
I look forward to meeting some foreign friends. So if you want a friend, you can private a message to me.
Take care and have a nice day!

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Monday, April 24, 2006

   Long Time No See
Hello every body! I haven't post for a long time. Do u still remember me? Almost four months I haven't post. Sorry everyone, I think I am a lazy people, lazy to type journal ... T_T"
But this time I have upload a new fan art, that is my first picture to upload in here. Hope you guys will like my drawing. I think I will work hard in Otaku. Wish you will suppot me in otaku ~

Hey! I give you a special gift. You have knew me for a long time but still haven't seen me. Now I have some new photos. So I want post in here to let you see.
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Please don't laugh me at all ... Hope you like me XP ~~~

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

   Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas to all of my friends!!
A long time haven't post. How are you all?
I am very happy now!! Today I start the Christmas holiday. These next few days, my parents said that they will bring me to many places. And I also can go out with friends later. So i will be very enjoy this Christmas ^_^
Yesterday is the last day of school this year. Yesterday is the Inter-class singing competition of out school. Even our class haven't won, but all of us enjoy the competitiong so much.
After these few days, I will post again to tell you where I have been. Have a Nice day! See you later ...

P.S I have changed my icon ~

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