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Thursday, March 16, 2006

oh brother...so annying...if only you knew...*rolls eyes*
yeah...I'm bored..and my brother is bugging me to teach him alchemy...*pitures him exploding* O_O NO WAY! Scary thought...he's only 10 too young to die..that and he's a real idiot..-_-....anyway he won't go away so i'll pretend that i'm gonna teach him...how ever i'm going to do that..uhhh...
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~hello, my name is Danchi and i am an Earth alchemist. i am also the state alchemist. I am kinda new here so if anybody has any tips for me please let me know. thanks ^^ OH~ i almost forgot! if there are any other alchemists out there please PM me!!! please!! i'd love to talk~


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