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Sunday, August 20, 2006

   Whoa o.o
I havent been on here, for a long time. Like super long. My last post was around the beginning of the year O.o;;. Well, I just wanted to update ^_^...I just wanna say 'Hi' to everyone. Hehe, yup just updating xDD. Im not here as often as I used to be...cause Im busy o.o;;...

And 1 question, if any of you guys RP [Role Play] on myspace, then feel free to add me here:

Naruto RP: www.myspace.com/mendoksee [Shikamaru]
www.myspace.com/deidara_sama [Deidara]

Bleach RP: www.myspace.com/shinigami_strawberry_15 [Ichigo]

Final Fanatasy: www.myspace.com/vincent_valentine_15

Yesh xDDD, well I'll cya guys around. Take care, and stay safe =O


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